Patented Game
Changing Reticle

The same reticle technology developed for the U.S. Army's TOW Missile helps you place shots in any light condition. It's new. It's designed for hunters. And it's only available from Meopta.

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Adapts to Changing Light

Dichroic coatings adapt to different surfaces and light conditions for an optimal view of your reticle.

Unobstructed Target Acquisition

Unlike traditional black reticles, the transparent dichroic reticles do not block the view of your target.

Battery-Free Operation

Natural light is all you need, making batteries obsolete.

For superior visibility

Dichrotech reticles available now!

4D and 4C Dichro reticles are available now featured MeoStar R1 and R1r, others will be available by August when releasing new line of Optika 6 riflescopes.

Our patend-pending DichroTech coating enables reticles in multiple color configurations to automatically adjust color tone and intensity in varying light conditions without the use of a battery. DichroTech provides maximum contrast and visibility, enhancing target acquisiton while speeding and improving shot placement.

Our dichroic reticles:

  • target14C Dichro
  • target26.5CM Dichro
  • target3BDC Dichro
  • target4KDot Dichro
  • target54D Dichro
  • target6ZPlus Dichro

No Matter The Conditions, Your Target Is Always Visible.

  • Desert

  • Forest

  • Snow

  • Grassland

  • Mountain

Developed & designed
in the USA

Meopta is an international developer, manufacturer and assembler of world class optical products, since 1933. This patented dichroic technology combines our optical know-how with experience in hunting to bring you the best shot.

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